Systematic’s approach to Coronavirus COVID-19


At Systematic, we are deeply concerned by the global outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 and we have taken all measures to maintain stable operations whilst safeguarding all our employees from getting and spreading the virus. Therefore, we do not expect any of our customers or solutions to be affected.

As an international supplier of IT solutions critical to vital parts of society, such as hospitals, police and the defence, we have an obligation to ensure that our systems are updated and operational at all times. In order to protect our systems and the employees who work with them, we have chosen to close our offices to external visitors.

Systematic has taken proactive steps to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading.  Our COVID-19 Policy was introduced on 6 March 2020 and  we have implemented extraordinary health and safety measures. On 12March 2020 an updated COVID-19 Policy came into effect as a next level safety measure taken by Systematic.

Policy and guidelines are continuously updated in accordance with the advice set by national authorities and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

At Systematic, we have taken drastic precautionary measures as described below:


1. Daily work and operations

  • We have asked those of our employees who can to work from home to do so and provided them with the necessary tools.
  • All scheduled meetings, internal as well as external, will be held online.
  • We have cancelled all physical appointments.
  • We do longer allow external guests into our facilities unless their visit is critical.
  • For those still working in our offices, we have re-arranged our facilities and moved tables apart to eliminate close physical contact between colleagues at Systematic.

2. Travel

  • We allow only business critical travels
  • Employees returning from travel to the affected areas (red or orange zones) must work from home 14 days.
  • We recommend that our employees do not travel for leisure


3. Health measures

  • Employees considered to be at high risk due to chronical diseases or immune deficiencies must work from home.
  • Employees who’s spouse or anyone in the household, are working at a hospital, elderly care center or any other place where infected patients are treated, MUST work from home.
  • If any of our employees have been in physical contact, or are living with one, with someone who is infected, these employees are required to stay at home for a period of two weeks.


4. Cyber Security

  • We ensure all employees are extra vigilant and cautious when responding to emails or clicking on links, just as we emphasize that they do not give away information related to finance, intellectual property or personal information.


5. General information

  • We are continuously keeping our employees updated on the situation and we have created an internal channel for this purpose.
  • We ask our employees based outside Denmark to consult their local authorities for health recommendations and travel restrictions.
  • Our COVID-19 Policy is applicable to all employees, students and consultants working at Systematic offices around the world.