Systematic’s approach to Coronavirus COVID-19


At Systematic, we are deeply concerned by the global outbreak of COVID-19.

As an international supplier of IT solutions critical to vital parts of society, such as hospitals, police and defence forces, we have an obligation to ensure that our systems are updated and operational at all times. Therefore, we are doing everything we can to maintain stable operations whilst safeguarding our employees from getting and spreading the virus.

Systematic has taken proactive steps to prevent COVID-19 from spreading:


Daily work and operations

We continuously update our employees on the development of the situation. We provide guidance on how to prevent transmission of the virus through recommended precautionary measures, and we ensure that our advice is aligned with the guidance of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and National Health Authorities in all countries where Systematic is represented.
Employees suffering from chronical diseases or immune deficiencies are requested to work from home.


We allow business critical travel only, and we restrict or ban travel to heavily exposed areas of the world. We respect and live by the national quarantine regulations in all countries where Systematic is represented.


Cyber Security

We ensure that all our employees are extra vigilant and cautious when responding to emails or clicking on links, just as we emphasise that they do not give away information related to finance, intellectual property or personal information.


In general, it is important that we continue to behave with appropriate caution. We all share a great responsibility in preventing the spread of COVID-19, and we need to protect ourselves, our families, our colleagues, and our customers.

Systematic strives to operate at the highest possible capacity and we do our utmost to deliver as promised to our customers, although the situation continues to evolve.