As the sponsor and co-owner of AGF Esport, Systematic helps develop young local talents within the world’s fastest-growing sport. AGF Esport was formed in 2018 in collaboration between AGF, Esport Service and Systematic. The AGF Esports talent centre is based at the fantastic facilities at AGF in Ceres Park & Arena. It is here that young gamers hone their talents in Counter-Strike and FIFA whilst developing their human qualifications at the same time.



Contribution to culture in the local community

Systematic is AGF Esports’ first main sponsor. As a sport that is in an explosive growth phase, esports has incredible potential for the community, business and the young talents in Aarhus. Systematic wants to strengthen culture in Aarhus and, with its contribution to AGF Esport, Systematic provides a solid framework in which young talents can develop their gaming skills alongside their human qualifications in a secure community among other like-minded young people.

“Esports is a great fit for our brand and our business sector. But we are also highly involved because we are eager to make a contribution to the growth and development of Aarhus, especially when it comes to giving local talents the opportunity to grow and develop here in the city,” says Michael Holm, CEO for Systematic.


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Development of players’ talents

AGF, Esport service and Systematic jointly took the initiative to create a sports organisation based on AGF’s experience as a football business and to focus on talent development. AGF Esport consists of two teams, FIFA and CSGO, also known as Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Each team consists of five players and is assigned a coach.

The organisation is made up of the two teams with a wide age spread among the players, so that young and older players can train together and enjoy sparring and developing one another’s experience.

- “We started with a few skilled talents who performed well in terms of the sport, but we have since found that it was more important for us to look at the whole person behind the game and their values than it was to find the person who could shoot the fastest,” says Dan Jessen, director of AGF Esport.

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Stay updated in the team's results!

Are you interested in following AGF Esport's many young talents during tournaments and matches in both FIFA and Counter Strike?

Here, you can stream matches and tournaments live. Check out AGF Esport's results in both FIFA and Counter Strike.

Systematic’s role in AGF Esport

As co-owner of AGF Esport, Systematic has a place on the executive board. The company is represented by handball trainer Peter Bredsdorff-Larsen, who usually serves as head coach for the Bjerringbro-Silkeborg handball club.

“Esports is a new and exciting world, and I am both pleased and proud to have been invited to contribute to what’s being done at AGF Esport. Team building has always been at the centre of my interests and experience,” says Peter Bredsdorff-Larsen.




FIFA Academy

Are you one of the many to have fallen in love with FIFA? Now you can train with the best of Denmark’s FIFA players in FIFA Academy at AGF Esport. FIFA Academy is for players of all levels, and you will be trained by Lars “Primeturbo” Korreborg, coach for the AGF Esports FIFA team and known from the eSuperleague. Primeturbo is known for his results-orientated training, built on theory, exercises and competition.

Training takes place on Fridays from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at AGF Esport on AGF’s home turf in Ceres Part & Arena. Come and meet other FIFA enthusiasts and become part of AGF Esport FIFA Academy.

Read more about FIFA Academy.