We aim at continuously strengthening our position as a financially healthy, independent company with a strong focus on internationalisation


Systematic is a privately owned company with three share holders. They include the company founder Michael Holm, who holds the controlling interest.  

As a privately owned and financially robust company, Systematic has the opportunity to think and act from a long-term perspective. We are proactive and willing to take calculated risks.

We aim at achieving profitable growth by positioning Systematic for future growth by investing in innovative software products, developing staff skills, steamlining and simplifying internal processes, and boosting the company profile on selected international markets.

AAA TeaserSystematic is a financially robust company with an equity ratio of 52 %, which together with unutilized credit facilities leaves us a in a strong financial position.

The credit assessment company Dun & Bradstreet has given Systematic its AAA rating - the highest D&B rating available. Our customers and business partners can be sure that we are here tomorrow as well. 

Read Systematic's Annual Report 2019/2020