Systematic becomes market leader in library systems

With the acquisition of Dantek, Systematic becomes the main supplier of digital library solutions in Denmark. When Dantek and Systematic deliver the new national "Joint Library System" to the Danish libraries in 2015, Systematic's market share of digital library systems will be close to 90%.

Press release11 August 2014

With the aquisition of Dantek being a reality as of 11th August 2014, Systematic actively and engaged enters the field of library systems.

”The field of libraries are facing major changes in the upcoming years. The public libraries need to expand their services and opening hours – mostly within the current financial frames. The school libraries need to enforce knowledge sharing and be the schools' pedagogical teaching center, holding the digital and analogue tools needed for teaching. Both public libraries and school libraries need modern and effective IT tools that can innovate current levels of service, thereby improving them and making them more flexible”, says Michael Holm, CEO at Systematic. 

Constellation with international potential

Seller and departing managing director of Dantek, Erik Bjerregaard Christensen, says about selling the company to Systematic: ”I view the acquisition as a recognition of the results and market position we have created in Dantek. Combined, Systematic's great amount of experience with public IT projects, their vast amount of knowledge about software development and about providing services to customers on both a national and international scale and Dantek's specific knowledge about the field of libraries are a powerful new constellation. Together, the companies have the potential to be an international competitor in the field of advanced IT solutions for libraries.” 

Dantek as an independent business unit

Dantek continues as an independent business unit in the Systematic Group. The continuous development, support and operation of Dantek solutions will remain unchanged, along with dealing with existing customers.

The aqcuisition means that Martin Brøchner-Mortensen from Systematic takes over as managing director in Dantek. For the newly announced director, the first task is to ensure that current customers of Dantek continues to have stabile solutions and receive qualified and effective service. The second pending task is to have the new Joint Library System up and running in the 88 municipalities involved in the project by 2015. 


With the acquisition of Dantek, it is our desire to become a big and active participant in the digitalisation of both public schools and libraries. There is a constant demand for forward-thinking, innovation and new digital tools in this field. With the acquisition, we start a journey towards becoming the preferred supplier of IT tools for communicating and utilising all of the knowledge that libraries represent in both analogue and digital form.

During the upcoming months, the organisational set-up needs to be in place to prepare Dantek for competing on an international scale.

"It is a huge commitment, when you from one day to the next get the responsibility of providing professional service to several thousand customers. At the same time, we need to deliver the new Joint Library System, which is one of the biggest projects in the European field of libraries. Hopefully, over time, the system will replace the various ones currently in place in all Danish municipalities", says Martin Brøchner-Mortensen.