Systematic awarded most attractive IT-company in Denmark

Danish specialist media, Ingeniøren, has awarded Systematic both most attractive IT-company among engineers and this year’s high jumper in the annual image survey.

20 May 2016

Systematic is praised for its ability to let innovation emerge from every corner of the company. Participants in this year's survey also sends great recognition to the culture and management of the company.

Participants in the survey place these words on Systematic - innovative, ambitious, academically challenging, quality-conscious and value adding. The awards were presented during an event in Copenhagen.

"We want to make a difference, and we have a mission that is more than delivering software. I think that rumour has it, that we are more than a software company," says Palle Klærke, Vice President, Delivery & Services, Public and Private in Systematic.

He is complemented by Dorte Gade, Group Senior Vice President, Business Support Services.

"We believe that all employees can contribute with the knowledge and insights they have from their respective roles. We are very proud to receive these awards and we look forward to continue our work developing and creating an attractive workplace," says Dorte Gade.

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