Covid-19: Systematic is ready to support busy healthcare sector

Systematic has added extra readiness to support functions, should any problems arise with home care and hospital systems

What the media said19 March 2020

As a supplier of software used by the Danish home care sector and hospitals all over the world, one would think that Systematic is extremely busy due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

But that is not really the case. Systematic established corona readiness in just two days and is very close to running business as usual, Anders Goul Nielsen, Group Senior Vice President for Healthcare explained to Danish IT media,

- Obviously, we have added extra readiness to the support functions, so we are prepared if customers need us. But right now we are running very stable operations, he says.

Systematic has sent about 800 employees to work from home, and has ensured that support functions are maintained and day-to-day work continues.

Anders Goul Nielsen says that no public sector customers have raised any problems with the systems so far.

- We have informed our customers about our emergency preparedness and told them that we are here 24-7 for them if it they need us. But we have not received any requests for specific tasks so far, he told

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