Covid-19: Systematic went from central operation to remote working in just two days

Systematic's CEO Michael Holm sends a big thank you to his employees, who have worked hard to ensure the continued operation of the software company despite the Covid-19-crisis.

Press release16 March 2020

“Even before the Danish government decided to shut down the public sector, our internal IT department had reviewed what was needed in order to ensure that our employees could work from home and continue to support our customers. Therefore, we were prepared for what would happen if the situation worsened, as it did in Denmark on Wednesday night,” says Systematic's CEO, Michael Holm.

 The company provides critical software solutions to the healthcare, police, and defence sectors, among others, which underlines the importance of ensuring the stable operation of the company's solutions. Even though the contingency plan was in place, the CEO is both happy and relieved that the mission has been a success: 

 “I am very impressed that in two days we managed to go from central to decentralized development of all our software without any major problems. The employees at Systematic show a great understanding of the seriousness of the situation and have come together to solve the tasks. This is not only a matter of ensuring the operation of critical solutions, but also of ensuring that employees are not infected and limit the spread of virus. We have had some long and busy days and our IT team in particular has been working tirelessly to secure enough capacity to enable a large number of people to suddenly work from home,” explains Holm, who estimates that up to 800 "Systemates" will be working at home from Monday 16th March. 

Systematic has offices in 11 countries across the globe, of which the two largest are the headquarters in Aarhus and the development centre in Romania. 

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