New user-friendly library system for 50 schools in the Municipality of Norrköping

The Municipality of Norrköping is the first municipality in Sweden to purchase the Cicero library system as a complete solution. The purchase is taking place after a two-year period, in which 20 of the municipality’s school libraries have used Cicero to create a better overview of the libraries’ tasks and materials.

Press release12 October 2020

Fifty school libraries in the Municipality of Norrköping can look forward to a new and user-friendly library system at the start of 2021.

The Cicero library system enables librarians and library users to navigate in an easy-to-use solution that supports library tasks while making it easy to get an overview of users as well as book loans and returns.

Twenty of the municipality’s schools have already been using the system for two years, and Mats Svensson, Development Manager at the Municipality of Norrköping, is looking forward to implementing Cicero at the remaining 30 municipal school libraries in Norrköping.

“Cicero is a user-friendly system where the schools can register their materials and where pupils and teachers can easily look for books and other material. The librarians in the municipality have long been wanting a joint library system which is sufficiently advanced to support requirements at both the large and small schools. Moreover, we’re delighted that the librarians can receive support throughout their entire working day,” says Mats Svensson.

Norrköping will be the first municipality in Sweden to implement Cicero at all its school libraries, but in Denmark, all state school libraries have been using the system since 2015. The tools in the Cicero suite have thus been thoroughly tried and tested, and will be able to support the common goal of Swedish municipalities that all children should have access to a school library.

Cicero has been developed by the Danish IT company Systematic, and uses a web-based technology, which means that the system can be taken out into the classrooms, where it can help pupils with their book loans and returns.

“The Municipality of Norrköping is getting a library system that solves the need for a flexible and user-friendly solution. Cicero provides schools with a tried-and-tested and versatile product at an affordable price without compromising on quality,” says Senior Business Development Manager, Pernilla Wikman, from Systematic.