When testing and quality of software is a matter of life and death

Every day, tens of thousands of soldiers’ work depends on Jørgen Lund and his colleagues at Systematic doing their job well.

What the media said13 January 2021

At the Danish IT news website, Computerworld.dk, you can read the story of our Test Manager Jørgen Lund, whose primary task is to ensure the quality of Systematic's software solutions, used by defence forces for command-and-control and situational awareness during military and disaster relief operations.

"It can be a matter of life or death that our products work as they should. It is healthy to keep that in mind when you sit behind your screen and test code, ”says Jørgen.

Three-month test in the wilderness of New Zealand
Recently, Jørgen was in New Zealand for three months to take part in a comprehensive test course in the field. The task was testing the functionality of a new radio system that the New Zealand armed forces were evaluating.

“Our task is ultimately about identifying what is important to those who need our product. My colleagues and I help to ensure that they get the functionality and usability that is crucial for them in order to solve their tasks. At the same time, being involved in testing in the field means that we get to experience how we make a difference to our customers. It is very inspiring, ” explains Jørgen.

He is pleased that testing is a high priority at Systematic:
“The interest and understanding of testing extends to the management level. It stems from a very basic understanding that things must work. Other people's lives depend on it,”.

The whole story can be read at Computerworld.dk in Danish