This page is a part of the mandatory statement of corporate social responsibility 2019/2020 according to paragraph 99a of the Danish accounting act.



Our business model contributes to society


As one of Denmark’s leading software companies, we are helping to promote the digitalisation of society, which will be of crucial importance for future economic growth and welfare

Digitalisation is transforming the world by facilitating our work, increasing our knowledge and helping us to make better use of resources. Our company vision underpins this essential work: 

Together we are transforming society with exceptional software  
that creates more possibilities and a better world for everyone.  
At Systematic, we make a difference. 

Systematic A/S develops software and system solutions for customers in the public and private sectors all over the world. Our customers need to be able to integrate, compile and analyse huge volumes of complex data – often in critical situations. 

Our key customers comprise the global defencehealthcare, offshore renewable energy industries and educational institutions as well as the Danish social services sector, law enforcement and intelligence services. 

Systematic systems for defenceintelligence and emergency services provide overview and improve safety for first responders. This means our solutions contribute to a safe, secure society for everyone. 

Our IT solutions for healthcare and social services underpin the work of those who care for others and save lives every day. 

We are the largest privately owned software company in Denmark, headquartered in Aarhus. Systematic solutions are sold to more than 50 countries, and more than half a million people worldwide use our software and services every day. 

Systematic has a little more than 650 employees in, Denmark, and about 350 more staff at our offices in Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, Romania , the United Arab Emirates, the UK, and the US. 

Our business model is described in more detail in the Management Commentary in our annual report for 2019/2020. 



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