It is our aim to create user-friendly IT solutions and products that live up to our customers' expectations in full

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Everything we do at Systematic is expressed in our brand promise


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  • Critical decisions are hard to make – sometimes it is a question of life or death.
  • Systematic’s solutions are simple and give a clear overview of available information.
  • Our solutions make life easier for people who make critical decisions everyday.



  • Systematic’s solutions are designed to help decision makers when they make important decisions.
  • They are typically used in different and hazardous conditions and users must be able to trust that our solutions work flawlessly – every time.



  • Systematic’s customers, partners and employees expect superior results.
  • We strive to do everything a little better.
  • Our customers expect quality and delivery on time, within budget.


  • If we desire to stay in the lead there is only one way - forward.
  • To move forward, we must think forward and always be one step ahead.
  • We challenge the current work processes and technologies, we think quickly to stay ahead.