What can a software company and a professional handball club learn from each other? In a research project initiated by Systematic, anthropologist Kasper Pape Helligsøe sets out to explore the social and cultural conditions at Systematic and the professional handball club BSH, in order to generate new knowledge about how organizations maintain and develop high-level performance environments. Here you can stay updated on the project as Kasper blogs about his findings.

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Misunderstandings in a Culture of Clarity

In his first blogpost, Kasper Pape Helligsøe wonders whether the clarity and attention to detail at BSH could inspire teams at Systematic. 

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Creativity is hard work

Watching a handball match made Kasper Pape Helligsøe reflect on how creativity and innovation can be understood in a team-based context.

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I consider a handball match to be a microcosm of a software project. We need the right skill sets, the right team, the right strategy and the right way of executing projects. And we need to deliver every time.


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In this video, CEO in Systematic, Michael Holm and PhD student, Kasper Pape Helligsøe, explains why and how this project is relevant to our way of working at Systematic.



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Mediano has made a podcast series about the Winning Culture project. Listen to it here (Danish).