At Systematic we have implemented a number of initiatives to ensure that we adhere to the human rights and that we as an organisation affect the environment as little as possible through CO2 reductions.


Systematic expects that employees act in a socially responsible way in work related situations. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, be that ethnicity, political orientation, age, gender, handicap, religion, sexual orientation or union membership.

Systematic respects employees’ right to be members of any union and accepts that they are represented by these unions.

Systematic does not use or tolerate the use of child labour or forced labour.

Systematic ensures a lower effect on the environment through reductions in water usage, energy consumption and paper usage.


In our Code of Conduct, employees are instructed in what to be aware of in regards to ensuring a low effect on the environment and how to be socially responsible. Our Code of Conduct is presented to all new employees and is always up for discussion and re-evaluation by the management. 

Our IT hardware is continuously upgraded for more effective and efficient equipment. The IT administration is located in a modern and secure operations centre with focus on energy optimisation, and our collective IT infrastructure is virtualised to the extent possible. Our printers optimise the usage of paper, and printers as well as PCs must obey specific energy saving policies. For the newly bought company cars we demand that they must be in energy category B, which are the same environmental and energy related demands for the taxi industry.


Systematic does not have knowledge of any violations of our policy for social responsibility. Changes to the IT infrastructure combined with newer IT equipment, more eco-friendly cars and other activities have reduced the usage of water, energy and paper.

Read our Code of Conduct (PDF file, in English).