This page is a part of the mandatory statement of corporate social responsibility 2016/2017 according to paragraph 99a of the Danish accounting act.


Helping and strengthening the world we live in for years to come is an integral part of our identity and acts as a guiding principle for our actions


We want to act professionally and responsibly in our day-to-day work, and to balance our commercial interests with respect for people, the environment and society. In our Code of conduct, we have clearly stated how the company and our staff should act in particular contexts, so as to ensure that we perform responsibly, sustainably and ethically correctly. Read our anti-corruption policy and read our Code of conduct (PDF file, in English).

We respect our employees as individuals and are keen to maintain a diverse staff base, as we believe this strengthens us as a company. We therefore want to employ staff from other ethnic backgrounds and we work actively to integrate staff with, for example, disabilities. Likewise, we aim to include staff from our outsourcing partners, who come to Systematic to work for defined periods, as part of the company in line with other staff. Read our policy for staff well-being.

Systematic works alongside educational and research institutions to develop and share new knowledge, typically in projects. We help by providing specific knowledge and practical experience, and in return we gain access to the latest research and contact with possible future employees. Find out more about our partnerships with research and educational institutions.

Systematic is happy to provide financial support for different projects, associations and funds. The defence and healthcare sectors play key roles in Systematic’s business, so it is therefore only natural for us to support projects in these fields. It is a requirement for our support that the funds must be spent on projects within the defence and healthcare sectors, and that the projects are in some way related to Systematic’s business and are administered in a proper manner by the recipient. We consider applications for support from associations and foundations on an individual basis, taking into account the appropriate legislation.