This page is a part of the mandatory statement of corporate social responsibility 2016/2017 according to paragraph 99a of the Danish accounting act.


Systematic does not accept or solicit corruption or bribery of any kind


In Systematic, corruption and bribery are incompatible with good governance.


Systematic does not accept or solicit corruption or bribery of any kind. Systematic commits to a high standard of integrity and will work against corruption and bribery in any form.

Systematic also operates in markets where corruption can be a real challenge. In some countries, the political and legal position may be somewhat difficult to define. For that reason Systematic may be faced with expectations of corrupt payments or similar when doing business.

Any violation of national and international laws regarding corruption and bribery would bring Systematic’s integrity into question. Systematic may also be held legally responsible for unlawful actions committed by external partners if Systematic by negligence has overseen the red flags of warning.


In our Code of conduct we have made clear what employees must do, and more particularly must not do, when negotiating with customers. Our Code of conduct is presented to all new employees.

Systematic’s anti-corruption programme includes procedures in the fields of employee training, risk assessment and due diligence of partners. These are designed to ensure compliance with national and international legislation, including the UK Bribery Act.


Systematic is not aware of any violation of our anti-corruption policy.


Read our Code of conduct (pdf)