This page is a part of the mandatory statement of corporate social responsibility 2016/2017 according to paragraph 99a of the Danish accounting act.



We are committed to helping Denmark develop as a high-tech society. For this reason, we work with selected educational and research institutions.



Systematic wants to be involved in shaping developments in information and communication technology (ICT) in Denmark, in partnership with the appropriate educational and research institutions. We have close long-term working relationships with the corporate community, educational institutions and other public sector bodies.

We take part in selected projects and programs where we are able to contribute our technological knowledge, or where we have specific domain knowledge. Projects and programs are selected based on a specific assessment of their market potential and economic potential for society.


Danish hospitals are challenged by an ageing population and increases in the occurrence of lifestyle-related diseases, requiring intelligent IT solutions that enable hospitals to utilise personnel and equipment as efficiently as possible.

That is why Systematic has joined forces with several other public and private organisations and universities in Denmark on a big data project. “Big data” is the term used to describe large quantities of data that constantly are collected by IT systems all over the world.

The aim of the project is to come together to investigate the options for using the vast quantities of data collected by IT systems all over Denmark every day. For example, in the health sector, which via patient notes collects important, anonymised data on the Danish population – data that can improve knowledge in areas such as states of health, work environment, care pathways and much more.

All this data offers huge potential for being able to see links between, for instance, lifestyle and illness. Big data provides an opportunity to achieve brand new knowledge, if we are able to analyse the data collected – and so the project focuses on finding the best way to do this. One approach to this involves machine learning, a technology in which computers use previously collected data to find links and patterns in large quantities of big data.

Vision and goal

We want this project to lead to cooperation across professional boundaries and sectors in order to put the focus on world-class computer knowledge and big data analysis. The goal is to develop standards for working with and analysing big data.

This is a unique opportunity for Systematic as an IT company to be part of this development process and so influence the big data models of the future. At the same time, from Systematic’s side, we can contribute to far-reaching knowledge of both the health sector and the IT field, and thus help to ensure that the potential of big data is exploited in the best possible way to the advantage of all stakeholders in and around the health sector.

At Systematic we can see huge potential in the interplay between big data and machine learning that can benefit many different sectors. Through machine learning and the use of big data, computers can predict developments with greater precision than people can. And in that way, the technology can help ensure the right decisions are taken in critical situations – and thus make a difference.