This page is a part of the mandatory statement of corporate social responsibility 2017/2018 according to paragraph 99a of the Danish accounting act.


Making a difference to the world we live in is an integral part of our culture, values and actions.


We at Systematic are committed to making a difference. That is why we actively take responsibility for the society of which we are a part, and we consider our responsibility as an international IT company to include supporting projects that develop and make a difference to the local community in locations all over the world.

This is one of the reasons why we at Systematic were delighted to help found the international “Joy of Reading” award, which is presented every two years in recognition of initiatives that help combat illiteracy. The “Joy of Reading” award was presented for the first time in 2017, and the second winner will be chosen in June 2019.

Moreover, Systematic is involved in crowning the best new public library in the world through the annual “Public Library of the Year” award, which is presented in partnership with the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA). The winner in 2018 was the Dutch library “School 7”.

Systematic also sponsors the “Årets Pædagogiske Læringscenter” (Educational Learning Centre of the Year) award in Denmark. This is presented by Kommunernes Forening for Pædagogiske Læringscentre (Local Authority Association for Educational Learning Centres), in partnership with the company. Billundskolen (Billund School) won this award in 2018.

We are also keen to support cultural venues and events in our local community, which is why we sponsor Danish institutions including ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Aarhus Theatre and Aarhus Concert Hall – all in the city where Systematic has its headquarters. In addition, 2018 was the year in which Systematic decided to become involved in esport. Taking on the role of the principal sponsor of AGF Esport, our aim is to help local talents grow and develop in Aarhus. We at Systematic are committed to setting a high ethical standard and acting professionally in our day-to-day working lives. We respect each and every employee as an individual and provide equal opportunities for training and development based on the needs and potential of the individual, combined with the interests of the company itself. Our ambition is to maintain a high level of diversity in our workforce, because we believe this adds commercial strength. That is why we are happy to take on people with different ethnic backgrounds, and work actively to integrate employees with disabilities, for example. Read our well-being policy.

We strive to perform our activities with integrity and responsibility, showing due consideration for people, society and the environment alike. In our Code of Conduct, we have made clear how both Systematic as an organisation and our employees should act in different contexts, with a view to ensuring we adopt a responsible, sustainable and ethically correct perspective at all times. Read our anti-corruption policy and our Code of Conduct (PDF in English). The sustainability of a company is dependent on having a strong set of values and taking an ethical approach to their implementation. This is precisely why Systematic wholeheartedly supports the ten principles set out in the United Nations Global Compact.

Systematic also works with a variety of research and educational institutions to develop and share new knowledge, typically in the form of projects. We contribute specific knowledge and practical experience, and in return we receive access to the latest research, as well as contact with potential future employees. Find out more about our partnership with research and educational institutions.

Systematic also provides financial support to a variety of projects, associations and foundations. The armed forces and the health sector account for a large proportion of Systematic’s business, so it is only natural for us to support projects within these fields. Systematic supports the Danish “Engage” veterans’ festival, for example, while our American division backs the Danish Wounded Warriors Project. For us to provide support, we must be sure that the funds will be responsibly managed by the recipient organisation, and that they will be used for projects that benefit society and have links to Systematic’s business. We evaluate applications for support to associations and foundations on a case-by-case basis, with due consideration to applicable legislation.