This page is a part of the mandatory statement of corporate social responsibility 2018/2019 according to paragraph 99a of the Danish accounting act.



At Systematic, we want our employees to thrive professionally, physically and mentally.  

We aim to create a social, safe and healthy workplace, and to ensure that employees thrive and enjoy their work. We encourage managers and employees to focus on ensuring a healthy balance between their professional and private lives.

None of these goals can be achieved satisfactorily without ensuring a high level of job satisfaction among employees. Through having this policy, our ambition is to be successful at retaining our current employees and attracting new talent.


We measure and act. Every month we conduct an employee satisfaction survey, and the results are used in each business unit as a lever for improvement. Our managers are measured on this, and work together with professionals and the team to implement identified improvements.

We monitor how many employees are leaving us – and the number choosing to rejoin the company. We learn from employee interviews which of the identified improvements need to be implemented. The current goal for employee turnover in Denmark is less than 12% (for FY 2018/2019) – employee turnover at Systematic is 9.4%.

Every month we measure absenteeism due to sickness. We follow up on and work together with external parties to support employees struggling with illness or stress. Our goal is to have a sickness absence level below 3% (including long-term sickness) – the present level is 2.3%.

Systematic believes that the most important way to ensure the well-being of its employees is through day-to-day dialogue between employees and managers. We encourage both parties to discuss irregularities, if any should arise. It is a key ambition to have strong leadership with clearly defined responsibilities and an ability to lead according to our values.
At Systematic, our approach to competency development is to ensure life-long learning for the benefit of both employees and the company. Continuous development is of high importance for the well-being of our employee. Employees are invited to development talks to discuss their career aspirations once or twice a year. Competency development activities are agreed that match each employee’s competence and passion as well as Systematic’s corporate strategy. We offer various types of activities, ranging from formal classroom teaching and mentoring to ‘knowledge networks’ and on-the-job training.
To ensure that our employees receive the right support (including financial support) when they suffer age-related afflictions, accidents or critical illness, we have a company pension scheme, and we offer health insurance. The set-up differs slightly from country to country due to local legislation.
To mitigate sickness and work-related injuries we have implemented several initiatives. We focus specifically on mitigating stress-related illnesses, with external professional stress coaches and external psychologists assisting when needed. This includes assisting Systematic if improvements can be identified that will help to reduce sickness and work-related injuries. As our work involves considerable deskwork, we also have a company-subsidised massage scheme aimed at preventing physical-related illness.
To support the social environment at our workplace, we have a dedicated staff association which organises after-hours activities such as wine tastings, runs, theme parties, trips to the cinema and football and golf tournaments etc. Systematic supports these financially, and through the association we encourage our employees to engage in social activities with their colleagues and create networks across the organisation. We believe this contributes to the overall well-being and job satisfaction of our employees, and helps to strengthen the bond between them. The company canteen also plays an important role in ensuring a healthy and strong social environment. The canteen is a key element in our culture, and is famous for serving delicious, healthy and primarily organic food to everyone’s liking. 


The above-mentioned measurements are important for ensuring the well-being of our employees. The continuous measurements help us to focus and prioritise. The key measures are:

  • Employee satisfaction: The employee satisfaction target is a score of 68%. This year’s improvements have resulted in a satisfaction score of 72%.

  • Number of employees leaving the company: A target of below 12% (for FY 2018/2019). The figure for the financial year was 12.6%.

  • In 2018/19, we recruited 201 new employees, bringing the total number of employees to 1,016 as at 30 September 2019. Of these, 13% are former Systematic employees rejoining the company.

  • Absence due to sickness level: Our target is a total absence due to sickness level of below 3% (including long-term sickness). Currently the level is 2.3%.


Our services and products are at risk if we have low-performing employees or even employees with inadequate qualifications. Insufficient competency development may also be a cause of employee dissatisfaction.

Unhappy or dissatisfied employees can lead to high levels of stress, absence, low performance and eventually a staff exodus, which can all have financial and reputational consequences for Systematic.