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IRIS Standards Management

Managing interoperability and stakeholder communication with IRIS

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IRIS Standards Management

Manage interoperability.

The need for operational units to exchange information between national and international systems has led to the development of numerous ‘information exchange standards’, with many communities unwittingly defining the same operational concepts in different ways. Multiple versions of standards are also in circulation and there is a lack of knowledge about the versions being used by systems, this has resulted in reduced awareness about which systems are interoperable.

Improving stakeholder communication

IRIS Standards Management is a web-based capability and sits at the heart of the stakeholder community, providing them with a range of online services to access the latest and most relevant standards information. Whether a stakeholder is accessing the system to create/update existing standards information or retrieve information on how a standard should be implemented, they can be assured that their shared, centralised repository contains the most up-to-date information.

Product highlights


Agreeing on a shared language

To combat interoperability challenges, there is a need to coordinate the activities of all stakeholders in the information exchange domain. Providing an environment, managed by the standards organisation, for these stakeholders to collaborate needs to be at the core of the solution.


Structured information & interoperability

Get access to online management of structured information, a common approach to interoperability management and a collaborative service for structured data stakeholders.


Systems & data management

Other features includes systems implementation, data capture and analysis, comprehensive configuration management, and change impact analysis.

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