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Enhancing multi-domain collaboration in modern warfare: The SitaWare suite's US success story

At the forefront of joint domain future warfare experimentation, Systematic's SitaWare Suite recently showcased its prowess during Project Convergence – an innovative exercise conducted in California that brought together the US, UK, and Australian forces. This exercise aimed to explore the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, and autonomy in revolutionising battlefield awareness and accelerating decision-making processes. Project Convergence, a pivotal contribution by the US Army to the Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) initiative, focused on rapid information sharing and tailored responses to combat aggression.

Multi-national collaboration

Systematic's UK team provided invaluable technical support and operational guidance alongside the SitaWare Suite, reinforcing a partnership with Roke, which manages the Zodiac contract with the British Army.

Henrik Sommer, Director of Systematic's Defence Operations, said: "Project Convergence was a prime opportunity to showcase the exceptional intelligence capabilities embedded within the SitaWare Suite, empowering commanders with comprehensive battlefield insights."

“This technology enabled unprecedented agility, rapid responses, and ensured holistic situational awareness across all operational tiers. Recognising data as the ammunition of the future, effective command and control hinges on the ability to collect, fuse, analyse intelligence, and seamlessly share it across domains and alliances—an imperative facet in modern warfare."

The SitaWare Suite, adopted by more than 50 nations within their defence structures, underlines its significance in fostering multinational cooperation. It creates a shared operational landscape, enabling swift information dissemination among allied forces – a key attribute when it comes to fighting peer war. Notably, during Project Convergence, the Suite demonstrated its capability to integrate systems across land and air domains—a critical aspect in 21st-century defence strategy.

Future technologies

SitaWare stood alongside 17 cutting edge technologies ranging from long-range fire capabilities, augmented reality lenses, uncrewed aerial systems, autonomous fighting vehicles, and next-generation sensors. The British Army, represented by the UK's 20th Armoured Combat Brigade Team (20 ABCT) from the UK Ranger Regiment, joined forces with the US's 75th Ranger Regiment and the Australian Army's 1st Combat Signal Regiment, deploying 450 troops for this exercise.

The UK Defence Procurement Minister at the time, Alex Chalk said: "Project Convergence exemplifies our commitment outlined in Future Soldier and the Integrated Review, showcasing the British Army's strides toward becoming a more lethal, agile, and expeditionary force. Collaborating closely with our esteemed international allies and partners has been pivotal in achieving these ambitions."

SitaWare's success at Project Convergence underscores its pivotal role in enhancing joint domain collaboration, accelerating decision-making, and fostering greater interoperability among defence forces – ushering in a new era of modern warfare capabilities.

Project Convergence is an annually recurring event – find out more about our collaborative efforts on the exercise in November 2022 in this news story.

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