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maj 10, 2022

C4I software for the digitalisation of the German Army


The digitalisation of the German armed forces is progressing and the consolidation of the systems within its command-and-control structures is well underway. The implementation of the Mission Enabling Service Bundeswehr (MESBw) makes a significant contribution to this process.

The challenges associated with interoperability in multinational operations and also intraoperability - the interaction of different systems within the German armed forces - continue to be the focus of activity. With the digitalisation of land-based operations (D-LBO), the German army has developed a strategy to significantly improve their command-and-control procedures.

In this structure, the Battle Management System (BMS) integrates sensors and effectors into the management process and creates a consistent system network. Building on the experience gained from the BMS project for NATO's Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (Land) (VJTF(L)) 2023, the communications infrastructure at D-LBO will also be modernized and the degree of integration and automation increased.

The SitaWare Suite provides modular and scalable IT services that can be used in stationary, deployable, mobile, and seagoing environments. Specifically, these are SitaWare Headquarters for stationary and deployable command posts and seagoing platforms, SitaWare Frontline for combat vehicles, and SitaWare Edge for the dismounted commander.

soldier using SitaWare Frontline

C4I software for the digitalisation of the Bundeswehr

With more than 45 user nations, SitaWare is today the most widespread C4I software suite worldwide. The individual military-off-the-shelf (MOTS) products have been tried and tested many times and have a very high degree of maturity. In the area of interoperability, SitaWare is now considered a benchmark for the developments of other nations and thus sets standards for data exchange in multinational operations. All common military and civil standards for data exchange are implemented in SitaWare, which ensures both intra- and interoperability. Proprietary systems, such as command and weapon deployment systems (FüWES) and weapon system platforms, can be connected or integrated at low risk via fully documented and open interfaces.

Inherent tactical communication

Data communication is assured by the SitaWare Tactical Communication (STC) service. STC is a hardware-agnostic service specifically designed for the efficient use of tactical communications. STC supports tactical radios from a wide range of manufacturers as well as modern means of communication such as satellite communication, WiFi and LTE/5G technologies. In the case of a combat unit’s diverse command and control equipment, STC can ensure automated data communication without media discontinuity.

The existing application programming interfaces (API) and the use of the software development kit (SDK) enable low-risk and manufacturer-independent integration into complex overall systems. Numerous national and international examples demonstrate the cost-efficient integration into the communication infrastructure - but also into the IT system landscape. These integrations are often performed by local partner companies working with Systematic. Under the motto "A Network of Excellence", a partner program was created specifically for this purpose as part of the SitaWare ecosystem to jointly provide the best solutions for the armed forces.

The multidomain differentiator

In addition to land operations, SitaWare supports operations in the air and maritime domains. Functions for naval use have already been developed with the Maritime Add-on for SitaWare Headquarters and are ready for immediate use. Nations are already using SitaWare on naval platforms and also in aircraft for reconnaissance purposes in order to consolidate situational awareness.