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juli 27, 2022

Systematic Defence receives high score for contented customers

Defence customers have rated their overall satisfaction rate with Systematic as 87% - the highest yet and a percentage increase on 2021.

Customers from across the world gave their views in the annual survey which also had more people than ever before take part.

On average respondents gave their satisfaction rate as 8.87 out of 10, measured how safe they felt with Systematic as a supplier as 8.91/10 and, almost all, gave the top score of 10 when asked if they would recommend the company to others.

Jakob Risberg, Vice President of Defence Services, said: “We are really pleased with the results from the survey, and both proud and humbled that all our hard work has resulted in these high scores and happy customers.

“It is important for us as a company to have this feedback so that we can understand the customer and their needs, how we are delivering for them and how we can strive to improve. It helps to provide us all with a real sense of purpose.

“The overall rate of 87% shows just how highly Systematic is regarded by our customer community and everyone should be hugely proud of their contribution.”

Systematic employees talking on a teams meeting

Positive feedback

The survey contains 23 questions and is sent to end users as well as those involved at the administration, management and procurement levels.

It asks respondents to rate the company in terms of value, the services provided, the software products and the helpdesk - and is part of the CMMI5 appraisal – by taking the time to canvas customer opinion Systematic can retain its certification.

Striving for best practice

Some of the comments included:

“Customer focused and agile company with great core values and people who seem to embody those values. They possess the skills we need.”

"The support work, even for complex projects, is carried out very well and very competently. Systematic is always very solution-orientated.”

“I like the product; the project structure is clear and organised and people are smart and helpful.”

The lowest score received was 7.88/10 – which still counts as ‘good’ on the scale. Constructive feedback concentrated on technical specifications and suggestions for clarity in labelling and symbols, all of which will now be prioritised into Systematic's product roadmap.


For more information please contact Samantha Chapman, Defence Communications Manager, at [email protected].