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juli 7, 2023

Defence Community Unites at UK's SitaWare User Forum

More than 100 defence personnel attended the UK’s SitaWare User Forum on Wednesday (July 5), coming together to share best practice and learn more about the Suite’s capabilities.

Hosted at HQ Allied Rapid Reaction Corps in Gloucestershire, SUF not only brought together defence personnel from across the UK, but also representatives from the Irish Defence Forces, Bundeswehr (German Federal Armed Forces), and Italy, creating a truly global gathering of military expertise.

The primary objective of the User Forum was to foster collaboration, promote the exchange of best practices, and strengthen the SitaWare community. Attendees were treated to a series of engaging and insightful presentations, user case studies, and product demonstrations that showcased the power and versatility of Systematic's C4ISR solutions.

One of the highlights of the forum was the keynote presentation by Brigadier General Antoine de Loustral, the Chief G3 Ops at ARRC (Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps), who shared his valuable insights and experiences with the audience.

Additionally, Systematic's Vice President of Defence Product Management, Hans Jorgen Bohlbro, provided a comprehensive overview of the SitaWare roadmap and shared exciting details about upcoming projects.

User collaboration

Throughout the event, participants had ample opportunities to network and establish connections with key personnel from various organisations. These interactions facilitated lively discussions, the sharing of knowledge, and the forging of new collaborations, further strengthening the collective expertise within the SitaWare community.

James Hamilton, Vice President of Systematic UK, expressed his gratitude to ARRC for providing the venue and emphasised the significance of the forum in shaping the future of SitaWare technology. "This event has not only provided a platform for learning and collaboration but has also empowered defence forces worldwide with the innovative capabilities of SitaWare," he said.

Systematic Defence hosts user forums in the UK, Germany, US, Australia, New Zealand and Denmark as a means to ensure continued relationship-building and understanding of the SitaWare Suite.


For more information please contact Samantha Chapman, Defence Communications Manager, at [email protected].