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March 16, 2021

SitaWare selected for FINACCIS system


The software delivers multi-level command-and-control capabilities to Finnish Defence Forces deployed around the world.

The Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) has contracted Systematic to continue to deliver the SitaWare software suite for its FINACCIS2 expeditionary command-and-control (C2) system.  

FINACCIS2 includes all elements of the SitaWare suite, and provides deployed units with C2 and situational awareness (SA) across their area of operations, as well as reach back from theatre.

In FDF service SitaWare operates via satellite communications, enabling the picture on the ground to be accessible across all command levels – higher echelons based in Finland, for example, are able to see the disposition of all elements, down even to the individual dismount deployed in theatre.

The SitaWare suite is the primary software component in the FINACCIS2 system and has been utilised on a variety of operations around the world.

“We are delighted that the FDF is continuing its commitment to SitaWare for the FINACCIS capability,” notes Merja Annala, President Systematic Oy Finland, “SitaWare provides comprehensive situational awareness and C2 tools to commanders, and the FINACCIS system will benefit from the latest developments in the SitaWare suite.”

Recently, data from the FINACCIS system was used as one aspect of the Joint Common Operating Picture formed for a Joint-level exercise conducted by the FDF.

Under the contract, Systematic will also continue to deliver support services, training, and consultancy.

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