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Consolidate multiple information sources into one single hub.

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What if you could access the multiple information sources you need in one place?

Efficient management of offshore wind farms requires an armada of skilled, carefully vetted personnel, advanced technology tools and equipment, and costly specialist vessels and helicopters. 

Any offshore wind operations and maintenance hub has to deal with vast amounts of complex information from many different sources. And the number of offshore wind turbine installations is only moving upwards, as are their size and technical complexity. 

O&M staff normally have to access many types of information using proprietary software from each supplier, most featuring a particular, non-standard user interface. Systematic SITE software delivers these key capabilities. 

With a single sign-on, and a consistent, easy-to-use interface, regardless of the type of information and where it comes from, operators can use it as the primary information hub for multiple wind farms. Several major offshore wind farm operators, including Ørsted and Vattenfall, already use the SITE software for marine coordination.

Introducing SITE

Watch the video and learn more about our coherent and easy-to-use offshore management software suite.

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Capabilities with an open API

The SITE modular software suite provides reliable real-time situational overview so that decision-makers and coordinators know the exact location and status of people, cargo and vessels at any given time and can track exactly what's going on, in order to make faster, better-informed decisions.


People Registration and Induction

Easy management of all data on personnel, including type and validity of certificates.

Work Authorisation and Custody

Automated workflows for requesting and grating work authorisations and custody of assets.

Manifesting (Transfer Planning)

A powerful tool for coordinators, with automatic warnings for validity of certifications and qualifications, as well as easy cooperation with subcontractors.


Live tracking

Complete situational awareness of all offshore activities and the ability to quickly and easily change (manifesting) transport plans if emergencies occur and evacuations are executed.



Strong reporting setup provides operators with data on executed operations, and utilises it for continuous improvement of process efficiency.

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