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Reporting and dashboards

Unleash the power of real-time reporting with dashboards that provide overview and insights

With SITE, the control centre always has instant access to all information needed to plan ahead, as well as reliable data to support critical and time-sensitive decision making.

Conducting offshore operations safely relies heavily on control room personnel being informed about malfunctions of equipment installed, with no undue delay if situations change.

Even relatively simple things like a cardinal buoy moving out of position or AtoN sensors that have stopped transmitting can quickly turn into a myriad of different alarms and systems that need to be monitored and used to deal with them.

The SITE software suite support control room personnel in mitigating challenges with real-time reporting and the option of creating dashboards tailored to you needs.


Real-time reporting

Dashboards created with built-in business intelligence tools are becoming increasingly important for reporting and keeping an eye on whether operations are progressing according to plan and in line with forecasts.



When used in combination with specialist tools like PowerBI, the SITE API enables your business intelligence team to create a wide selection of dashboards to meet the specific practical needs of your O&M managers.

Why data integrations matter

SITE API and integrations model

You can build integrations with SITE data interfaces and API's and significantly reduce the number of different it-systems in your control room. This makes it much easier for control room staff to quickly access and act upon information from many different data sources, with less likelihood of duplicated effort, inaccuracies or mistakes that could be dangerous and/or costly.

Full process support

Improve future offshore operations with wind farm software for effective marine coordination

The SITE modular software suite provides reliable real-time situational overview so that decision-makers and coordinators know the exact location and status of people, cargo and vessels at any given time and can track exactly what's going on, in order to make faster, better-informed decisions.


People Registration and Induction

Easy management of all data on personnel, including type and validity of certificates.

Work Authorisation and Custody

Automated workflows for requesting and grating work authorisations and custody of assets.

Manifesting (Transfer Planning)

A powerful tool for coordinators, with automatic warnings for validity of certifications and qualifications, as well as easy cooperation with subcontractors.


Live tracking

Complete situational awareness of all offshore activities and the ability to quickly and easily change (manifesting) transport plans if emergencies occur and evacuations are executed.



Strong reporting setup provides operators with data on executed operations, and utilises it for continuous improvement of process efficiency.

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