Free eBook:
Avoiding the pitfalls in
tactical data communication
for battle management systems



Reliable transfer of data over tactical communication systems is the key component in any Battle Management System. It allows efficient exchange of Situational Awareness and Command & Control information between commanders at all levels. 

However, ensuring reliable data transfer in order to get the desired operational effect of their Battle Management System is a major concern for defence forces around the world. 

  • This eBook will help you avoid the 12 most common pitfalls when acquiring a Battle Management System and establishing a tactical data communication network to support it.

  • These recommendations will help you get real operational value from your tactical data communication and Battle Management System.

  • The content of this eBook is based on our 20 years of experience working with Command & Control and Battle Management. 

Ebook Avoiding The Pitfalls In Tac Comms


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