Complete and comprehensive C2 and situational awareness across the battlespace

Complex operational environments require quick and accurate decisions. They also require the exchange of vital information within the coalition and Joint battle net. It is vital that the operational headquarters staff have the most advanced command and control tools available to filter out irrelevant information and get a full appreciation of the battlespace.

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Top-to-bottom C4I System: Seamless integration and open architecture
SitaWare Headquarters is a powerful and scalable C4I system that offers an accessible, easy-to-use yet comprehensive toolset that increases operational flexibility and reduces deployment time while providing extensive interoperability capabilities.

SitaWare Headquarters is a part of the SitaWare Suite. It can be integrated seamlessly with all other Systematic Defence products. Its open architecture allows for customised extensions and integration with legacy and third-party systems.




Proven on operations

SitaWare-based command-and-control solutions have a rapidly growing customer base. They have been purchased for use in both national and multinational operations by more than 30 nations across the world. It has also been deployed in operational theatres such as Afghanistan. 

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SitaWare Headquarters key features and capabilities


Tactical Comm




Superior Tactical Communications

Proven on low-bandwidth as well as high-bandwidth networks 


Powerful Map Engine 

Supports wide variety of map formats in both 2D and 3D


Unmatched Interoperability

Proven in numerous operations and exercises



Integrated Top-to-Bottom Suite

Shared Situational Awareness, Command and Control


Low Deployment Cost

No client installation. Access directly from browser.


High Quality User Experience

Easy to learn equals lower training costs



Existing and Proven Product

Low risk. Try before you buy.


Ready to Use Tomorrow

Immediately available for training and/or evaluation.


Evergreen Technology

Maintenance agreements assures regular updates.



Predictable Cost of Ownership

Future cost can be accurately forecasted.


Large User Community

Benefit from lessons learned and sharing of experiences.


Open Architecture

Extend and integrate using open API.


Learn more about SitaWare Headquarters product highlights and features


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SitaWare Headquarters SitaWare Headquarters SitaWare Headquarters SitaWare Headquarters SitaWare Frontline SitaWare Frontline SitaWare Edge SitaWare Edge

Coalition and joint interoperability

SitaWare offers some of the strongest interoperability capabilities on the planet. It is your hub for both coalition and Joint interoperability. The SitaWare Suite offers support for a wide range of modern military and civilian data communication standards ensuring full interoperability across Joint environments and with your coalition partners.

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Learn more about SitaWare Headquarters and interoperability here
Learn more about SitaWare interoperability capabilities here


 Our operational focus was to get Command and Control capabilities deployed rapidly - SitaWare provided us with an interoperable, off-the-shelf product we could easily and efficiently integrate into our existing systems. 


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