• Soldier And Pc HQ6 736X414
    Fully browser-based
    No client installation
    Fast deployment
  • HQ 4 Guys 736X414 Px
    Powerful C4I capabilities
    Operational flexibility
    Intuitive operation
  • HQ TOC 736X414
    Tried and tested
    Extensive interoperability
    Reliable coalition gateway


For Combined Joint Operations

Complex operational environments require decisions to be made quickly and accurately. They also require the exchange of vital information within the coalition and joint battle net. With so much information to be processed, it’s vital that operational headquarters staff have the most advanced command and control tools available to filter out irrelevant information and get a full appreciation of the battlespace.

SitaWare Headquarters is a powerful and scalable C4I system (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence) that offers an accessible, easy-to-use yet comprehensive toolset that can significantly increase operational flexibility and reduce deployment time while providing extensive interoperability capabilities.


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C4IS in the browser

SitaWare Headquarters is accessed directly from a standard browser, which gives you instant access to a full C4I system from any computer within the network. With no client installation needed, a typical deployment can be carried out in just hours rather than weeks or months.

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Blue Force And Search

Operational simplicity

Thanks to its modern, intuitive user interface only minimal training is required making SitaWare Headquarters a highly cost effective solution to deploy and maintain. Moreover, the intuitive interface enables users to make full and effective use of the C4I system’s rich capabilities supporting mission critical decision making in high tempo situations.

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Sitaware Headquarters 6 V2

Situational Awareness

The enhanced real-time situational awareness powered by SitaWare Headquarters C4IS provides a greater understanding of the battlespace, supports better informed tactical decisions, and ultimately means that the personnel on the ground are safer and can be used more effectively. Advanced information filtering lets you easily adjust the situational awareness pictures to exactly match your needs, reducing information overload and increasing operational efficiency.

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Coalition and joint interoperability

SitaWare offers some of the strongest interoperability capabilities on the planet and is your hub for both coalition and joint interoperability. It offers support for a wide range of modern military and civilian data communication standards ensuring full interoperability across joint environments and with your coalition partners. Learn more

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Top-to-bottom C4I System

To increase your mission effectiveness, SitaWare provides a top-to-bottom solution from the highest echelons right down to the tactical edge. The applications and user interfaces are specifically tailored for the operational environments at each level, whilst providing a coherent and shared data model across all platforms.

SitaWare Headquarters can be integrated seamlessly with all other Systematic products for command and control and battle management. Its open architecture allows for customised extensions and integration with legacy and third party systems.

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Sitaware World Of Interoperability W736

SitaWare Headquarters SitaWare Headquarters SitaWare Headquarters SitaWare Headquarters SitaWare Frontline SitaWare Frontline SitaWare Edge SitaWare Edge



Proven in operations

SitaWare-based command and control solutions have a rapidly growing customer base. They have been purchased for use in both national and multinational operations by more than 15 nations throughout the world. It has also been deployed in operational theaters such as Afghanistan. 

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 Our operational focus was to get Command and Control capabilities deployed rapidly - SitaWare provided us with an interoperable, off-the-shelf product we could easily and efficiently integrate into our existing systems. 


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