Situational awareness. Operational support. Planning & execution tools. Information sharing. These are fundamental requirements of maritime operations, where commanders make complex decisions in high tempo situations. To give you a solid foundation for operational success, SitaWare delivers advanced maritime C4I capabilities together with a detailed Recognised Maritime Picture.

The software exceeds much of the functionality of in-service systems, as well as those of systems that are under development and yet to enter service. SitaWare can be used at maritime operations centres ashore, with task group commanders at sea, and on individual ships.


 SitaWare Maritime C4I - Meeting tomorrow's requirements today

In this short video, our domain expert and former Commander in the Royal Danish Navy, Stig Meyer, gives you a tour of why SitaWare Maritime is the maritime C2 system of the future.





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Interoperable with Partner Systems

Maritime commanders often coordinate operations with air and land components, coalition partners, coast guards, and other civilian and governmental agencies. This coordination requires the ability to exchange information with partner systems. SitaWare lets you exchange tracks, plans/orders, and messages in a wide range of formats within the maritime domain as well as within other service domains and this way provides an unseen multidomain utility. SitaWare supports standards such as APP-11, ADatP-3, OTH-Gold, AIS, WAIS, USMTF, Link 11, Link 16 SIMPLE, Link 16 JREAP, ADS–B, NVG, KML, VMF, NFFI and MIP.

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Selected product highlights

Recognised Maritime Picture

The lynchpin of every successful maritime operation is comprehensive situational awareness of the surface, subsurface, and air pictures. Tracks from coastal and ship-based AIS, radar systems and remote sensors are correlated and fused and displayed in near real-time. The tracks can be correlated either locally or distributed to a central processing centre for further management. You can configure the RMP to match your exact needs: From monitoring territorial waters and economic exclusion zones at national level, to a focused Area of Operations of a Task Group. The RMP can monitor multiple areas simultaneously and include both the classified Military Picture and the unclassified civilian White Picture.

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Track correlation

To ensure a high quality Recognised Maritime Picture, it is vital that the user is presented with coherent tracks from a wide variety of sources – and that the bulk of track information is automatically correlated. That is why SitaWare comes with a mature and proven correlation engine that is capable of handling tracks from multiple sources such as AIS, OTH-Gold, and radar; and with the tracks received directly from the sensors or via other C4I, Vessel Traffic Systems, or ships’ Combat Management Systems.



Anomaly detection

Early detection of possible threats and illegal activity is essential to a successful mission. Time is always a limiting factor when you need to respond to actual threats. In SitaWare, operators can define detection rules that automatically identify suspicious behavior and notify the user of anomalies. This includes detection of vessel of interest, tracks entering or leaving defined areas, or those not adhering to specific conditions chosen by the user.   

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Maintain the operational tempo using chat and military messages between national units and partners. Exchange military e-mails, STANAG 4406 and ACP-127 messages through a plug-in to Microsoft Outlook including full support for APP-11, USMTF, and OTH-Gold formatted message templates using the built-in IRIS Forms. Take advantage of instant messaging in distributed chat rooms in a XMPP and JCHAT compliant client that is compatible with both high and low bandwidth networks.


Planning & Tasking

The ability to visualise, communicate, and distribute details of an operation is essential to ensure effective tasking of all units and platforms. The extensive planning toolset in SitaWare includes a collaborative text editor for tactical estimate, overlay sketching, task organization editor, and synchronization matrix. It also includes IRIS Forms for managing formatted messages such as OPGEN and OPTASKs in NATO APP-11 or USMTF formats. Plans and tasking can easily be shared via military messaging, email, or chat.

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Multi-Domain Situational Awareness

Using the many interoperability standards SitaWare can form a true common operational picture (COP). The COP may consist of the Air Picture, Maritime Picture and the Land Picture as well as the Environmental Picture. This gives the user multi-domain situational awareness, enabling them to conduct accurate assessments of the current situation.

On top of the COP, information about unit movements and control measures may be overlaid to enable the user to compare the current situation with their envisioned orders and directives. Each user can customize their view to see exactly the information in the COP relevant to their function. This ensures that the ever-increasing amount of data does not lead to information overload.

W736 Recognised Maritime Picture 



Open architecture

To give you the operational capabilities you need, SitaWare’s open APIs enable the integration of a wide range of systems such as radars, sensors, CMS systems, and ship databases. With SitaWare’s open architecture, modular design, APIs, and Product Development Packages you can combine the advantages of COTS products with the flexibility to add your own integrations and extend functionality.


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