Preparing Front-line Forces 

Modern day Electronic Warfare (EW) has been proven to be the key to success in many recent combat situations. Even in peacetime, many new threats are being developed and defences tested with the aid of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. There is a vital need to gather, validate and process EW data from many different sources. Being able to understand what such electronic emitters are up to  – whether friendly, hostile or unidentified – is crucial for effective electronic warfare operations, and for the decisions that have to be made when the pressure is on. A comprehensive knowledge of the electronic battlespace is critical to mission success.

This is why Systematic aims to provide solutions and services that help you manage EW information, ensuring that changes in the electronic warfare environment are recognised, analysed and reacted to as quickly as possible. Systematic has combined its extensive knowledge of EW with its expertise in developing mission critical software and produced the definitive EW data management solution, EWare.



Maximising EW Effectiveness

EWare is a managed repository for all source EW information once it has been enhanced by the complete cycle of research, validation, analysis and consolidation. Although capable of handling a vast amount of complex data, EWare presents this technical information to the analyst via a user friendly, intuitive interface thereby facilitating the rapid analysis of complex emitters. 

EWare provides a comprehensive data model within a framework of optimising geographically, mission tailored, equipment specific EW data libraries for use in operationally deployed front-line EW fitted units. Systematic’s operational solution is backed up by a comprehensive package of EW training and support services. 

Designed and Supported by EW Domain Specialists

Systematic provides a full spectrum of electronic warfare expertise, ranging from hands-on training about the basics of ELINT management to operational and technical support, and from consultancy assignments through to setting up complete Electronic Warfare Operational Support Centre (EWOSC) facility software packages.


EW Solutions and Services:

EW Consultancy

EW Training