SitaWare Headquarters 6.9 enhances User Management and Structured Messages

SitaWare Headquarters 6.9 completes the introduction of Keycloak User and Access Management. It also includes features such as Presentation Tools and Structured Messages in plans. Learn more about these and additional improvements to the newly released SitaWare Headquarters 6.9.

15 July 2019

Key New Capabilities in SitaWare Headquarters 6.9

  • Presentation Tools - Highlight, illustrate and mark elements during presentations
  • Keycloak User and Access Management - Improved User and Access Management 
  • Structured Messages in Plans - Read and include structured messages in a plan

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Presentation Tools

SitaWare Headquarters 6.9 introduces Presentation Tools. Presentation Tools is a key feature that lets you highlight, illustrate, and mark specific graphical elements during your presentation.

This feature has several purposes depending on the presentation situation:

  • You can use it in a briefing situation where everyone is physically present. Here it can be used on a whiteboard to pinpoint different areas, such as drawing on a map or highlighting important features.
  • You can use it during Skype meetings or other setups in the same way where you can use it to highlight necessities. 

The Presentation Tools consists of two main features. The pen and the flashlight. 


The pen

The pen lets you draw on the map to highlight certain areas. You can adjust the size, color, and transparency of the pen.

W736 Pen Tool

The flashlight

The flashlight throws a circular beam to shine light on a particular spot. Just as the pen, you can adjust both size, color and transparency according to your needs. 

W736 Flashlight Tool



Keycloak User and Access Management

SitaWare Headquarters 6.9 introduces Keycloak Access Management. With Keycloak Management, you can now manage users and grant access much easier. Keycloak is a component developed by Red Hat and is used on a global scale. With Keycloak, managing and giving access to users is much easier and more flexible. 

Keycloak Illustration2


Keycloak offers: 

  • Better integration with IT infrastructures where Active Directory runs at the enterprise and SitaWare System administrators are not allowed access to.
  • Built-in user interface in SitaWare Headquarters for assigning roles and access privileges to users.
  • The ability to create additional users in Keycloak that should only have access to SitaWare Headquarters via e.g. a secure web gateway, but should not have access to other IT services in the network. 
  • Alternative authentication mechanisms such as two-factor authentication. 
  • The ability that users register themselves. This is beneficial during e.g. training exercises where the number and the identification of participants are unknown. 

Keycloak Illustration



Structured Messages in Plans

With this new feature, SitaWare Headquarters 6.9 lets you create and open MTF messages directly from the plan. While the usage of Structured Messages in planning is used across navy, land, and air, it is particularly relevant during maritime operations where orders such as OPGEN and OPTASKs are often developed using structured messages as part of the planning process.

As structured messages are generally managed in IRIS Forms, the new feature enables greater integration between SitaWare Headquarters and IRIS Forms.

Structured Messages In Plans


Other New Capabilities

SitaWare Headquarters 6.9 introduces many additional features. Please contact us to get the full overview of the new capabilities.

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Access and Availability

SitaWare Headquarters 6.9 is available for all existing and new SitaWare Headquarters customers.

For further information regarding access and availability please contact Systematic Defence Product Support.

About SitaWare Headquarters

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