Royal Navy extends use of Systematic’s IRIS suite

The software ensures that the Royal Navy maintains full interoperability with its partners

14 December 2020

The Royal Navy (RN) has extended its commitment to Systematic’s IRIS military messaging software for a further two years.

The RN is a long-standing enterprise user of the IRIS suite and is able to deploy IRIS Forms software across the service, including the surface fleet, submarines, Fleet Air Arm, at all naval bases, and operationally with the Royal Marines.

Royal Navy IRIS

 The Royal Navy is one of only a few navies that maintain the full spectrum of capabilities, and has a high operational tempo. (Crown Copyright).


Systematic will continue to host the IRIS Standards Management system on behalf of the Royal Navy, which is the UK custodian of the NATO APP-11 message standard.

Elsewhere, the Royal Navy’s Maritime C5ISR Support Unit (MCSU) maintains its use of the IRIS Information Mapping development tools.

“The Royal Navy is engaged around the world. Its fleet operates in every ocean and relies on strong ties with its allies to conduct the full spectrum of naval warfare, routinely conducting Coalition operations,” notes Paul Fielding, Senior Manager Business Development at Systematic, adding “IRIS ensures that the Royal Navy maintains full interoperability with its partners.”

The IRIS suite is operationally proven and has become the de-facto NATO standard for interoperability and military messaging using agreed international Message Text Format (MTF) standards. The software provides military messaging and interoperability capabilities directly off-the-shelf. It integrates seamlessly into standard products, such as Microsoft Office, to provide a user-friendly framework for drafting, editing, and sending military messages.


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