All electronic equipment emits an electromagnetic signal with a distinctive signature that can be identified and registered. Reliable ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) about these signals is essential for tactical situational awareness, and to protect assets in the air, at sea and on the ground.

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Turning Threats into Awareness

EWare is an off-the-shelf software product that provides military organisations with a powerful EW tool for the day-to-day management and updating of this mission-critical data. EWare is specifically designed for the reliable processing of electronic warfare data, so it can be passed on smoothly and rapidly to front-line units, to help them take the right tactical decisions.

EWare - Product Highlights

  • Proven, off-the-shelf system that can be deployed rapidly
  • Based on recognised standards
  • Eliminates intelligence ambiguity
  • Rapid distribution of new and updated information to frontline units
  • Speeds up and improves threat identification
  • Helps minimise risk of blue-on-blue incidents
  • EW support saves lives and platforms

EWare provides a centralised framework for configuring customised data libraries for uploading into many different types of equipment, tailored to the geography of any planned mission. Outputs include data for ESM equipment, loading of pre-flight briefings and configuring mission data sets for each operating unit.

EWare- Key Features

  • Workflow Management
  • Role Based Access
  • Advanced Search Capability
  • Adaptable GUI
  • Comprehensive Intercept Analysis

Maximum Situational Awareness

EWare is designed to accept data inputs from a full spectrum of possible sources – from the public domain, from classified information and from operations. Intercepts of as-yet unidentified data are rapidly analysed, collated and placed within a consistent structure, so key information can be made available to those who need it. EWare features built-in capabilities for associating specific emitters with particular weapon systems, aircraft, vehicles and vessels. This makes it possible to narrow down the list of possible threats, so decisions can be made quickly.

This means individual aircraft, vessels and vehicles get full benefit from force-wide ELINT ops and are able to react correctly to the electronic emitters they encounter – whether friendly, hostile or unidentified.

Electronic Order of Battle

The Electronic Order of Battle includes details of the identity, configuration and location of all the combinations of electronic emitters and platforms known to be present in a designated area, whether fielded by friendly or potentially hostile forces.   EWare makes it possible to present this data in conjunction with maps and other easy-to-grasp geospatial displays. Users can see where signals come from, making it easier to grasp information in its right context.

For further information download the EWare data sheet here.

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