EWare is a software tool for maintaining and managing intelligence data about the status of the electromagnetic operating environment. The core functionality consists of storing and maintaining information about emitters, platforms, weapons and intercepts. It also provides features for correlating both known and unfamiliar intercepts with emitters. This up-to-date information can then be passed on in the form most appropriate to different military equipment, different operating contexts and different types of mission. 


Workflow Management

EWare ensures strict maintenance ‘best practice’ is observed at all times during the continuous data review cycle.  Analysts cannot approve or re-submit own work to the Live database.  Software procedures embedded within EWare ensure this essential integrity measure is adhered to.

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Data Types

The EWare database manages 4 main types of data. Emitters (radars, ECM systems/jammers, etc.), Weapons (missiles, artillery systems, etc.), Platforms various (including land-based mobile units and stationary sites, surface vessels and submarines, aircraft, helicopters, UAVs and satellites) and Intercepts (consisting of data registered during operations, usually in the form of intercepted emitter transmissions).

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Emitter Details

As well as supporting a very comprehensive parametric data set for describing emitters, EWare manages top level general emitter details in a simple and easy to read format utilising associated images and linked files back to original source data.  This ‘view at a glance’ type of approach has been adopted in order to cater for those users not necessarily requiring a detailed insight to the complexities of parametric information.

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Intercept Information

Intercept details are an integral part of any EWOS activity, so EWare features a comprehensive data model in which to store vital data observed from ‘all source’ collectors.  The intercepted emitter characteristics can then be associated to the generic emitter or indeed the specific platform or site as future targeting intelligence providing vital situational awareness.

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Air Platform Editor

As with Emitter data, any associated platform data is managed within similar GUIs that allow all platform descriptors to be viewed ‘at a glance’ by the JOC EW Advisor or  EWCC in order to determine an understanding of the specific Order of Battle  known to be operating in any given AOI.

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Version Control and Data Management

Strict version control must be maintained at all times in order to ensure all EW data supplied to front line forces is the latest and consistent within any deployed forces.  EWare provides a comprehensive data management audit trail of all changes, no matter how small, to all objects held.

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Comprehensive Emitter Editor

Emitters are the core of any EW database management solution and EWare meets this challenge by utilising a data model that allows storage of complex parametric attributes that describe modern threat systems from the basic RF, PRI, PD and Scan – through to the various parametric agility and modulation characteristics within the intra-pulse as well.

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Platform Editor and Association Objects

The EWare platform editor has an integrated feature that allows all associated Emitters and Weapons to be displayed in a hierarchical relationship that affords any user a quick and easy method in which to determine an intelligence picture of any given threat platform that may be ‘a target of interest’ on the front line.

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Powerful Search Capability

Due to the vast amount of data contained within the EWDBMS, EWare has an integrated search capability that works against the entire EW data repository and which will return a search down to a single attribute or descriptor. This powerful search tool affords rapid and intuitive queries to be conducted in just a ‘few clicks of the mouse’. E.g. “Does the database hold any radar with the function code of Air Intercept, in the J Band frequency range and with a horizontal polarisation?”  A list of emitter candidates will be returned to the analyst if such an emitter exists.  Simple, but powerful and intuitive.

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Adaptable GUIs

All EWare GUI views are easily adaptable by the user, no software changes are required in order to alter a column and associated data presented in each data box.  This allows each analyst to set up their own preference in a role dependant way thus affording a far more effective working practice to prevail.

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Associated GIS Capability

EWare has an associated GIS feature that provides a visual presentation of any site information with known geo locational data assigned. This facility affords any user the ability to rapidly create an up to date EOB for any given AOI where EW forces are to be deployed.

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