EWare and SitaWare are advanced, mature solutions with proven operational pedigree on current operations world-wide. The powerful integration of a specialised EW database with situational awareness software creates EW layers which can be analysed, understood and communicated securely in a command and control solution. 

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Bringing EW data to the forefront of tactical decision making

EWare provides military organisations with a powerful toolset for the day-to-day management and updating of mission critical EW data.  It provides customised EW data libraries for different types of ESM equipment, tailored to the spectrum of any planned mission. SitaWare provides a powerful command and control framework for use by military commanders planning and managing operations. 

EWare & SitaWare Integration - Solution Highlights

  • The EWare/SitaWare integrated solution can be deployed rapidly
  • Powerful combination of proven products that are deployed in theatres around the world
  • Flows correlated EW information into the Recognised Picture
  • Triangulate and fix EW intercepts to create ‘firing solutions’
  • Allows rapid production of EOB
  • Facilitates effective tactical decision making
  • Severely reduces risk of blue-on-blue 

The Eware & SitaWare integrated solution adds interoperability to situational awareness via data replication and messaging. This powerful combination allows not only the rapid production of Electronic Order of Battle (EOB), but also real-time tactical awareness and management of EW intercept and observed data.

EWare & SitaWare Integration - Key Features

    • Geospatial display of EW data, incl. comprehensive GIS capabilities
    • Displays EW emitters/platforms/weapons data at a specific site
    • Production of EOB (Electronic Order of Battle)
    • Intercept management to process observed data from frontline forces
    • Built-in QA/Review cycle ensures integrity of data

For further information download the EWare/SitaWare data sheet here.

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