A Complete Military Email infrastructure

Information Sharing is the lifeblood of virtually every modern organisation – defence forces are no exception. However, standard corporate e-mail and instant messaging tools do not satisfy military requirements for sending information between organisations and roles rather than between named individuals.

IRIS Military Mail provides a complete message handling infrastructure, based on the well-known Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange, augmented with full support for military operating procedures.

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Turning Microsoft Outlook into a Military Message Handling System

IRIS Military Mail is a further development of IRIS Organisation Messaging and extends the familiar capabilities of the Microsoft Outlook and turns it into a Military Message Handling System. IRIS Military Mail in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook enable incoming and outgoing messages to be handled in accordance with military procedures. Outgoing messages can be passed through a workflow that ensures the right authorization for releasing messages. Similar incoming distribution rules may be used to ensure that messages are automatically delivered to the relevant roles for action and info.

IRIS Military Mail - Product Highlights:

  • Plugin for Microsoft Outlook
  • Combines organisational and personal email in one application
  • Extends email with military attributes, such as classification and precedence
  • Automatic profiling and routing of messages to relevant roles for info and action
  • Reversionary profiling if primary recipient not available
  • Secure message transfer using encryption and digital signatures
  • Authorization workflows for releasing messages
  • Tracking of message delivery and read receipts
  • Audit log that logs all user actions
  • Built-in editor/viewer for formatted messages, such as APP-11 & USMTF (IRIS Forms)
  • Can be integrated with ACP127 and STANAG 4406 Gateways and other High Grade military messaging protocols

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Leverage from The Powerful Capabilities in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook, being the de-facto standard mail application, often sets the expectation of the user community for a similar user experience in a Military Message Handling System. However, few Military Message Handling Systems offer similar levels of user experience and features as Microsoft Outlook. This is why IRIS Military Mail and Microsoft Outlook is the perfect combination for a Military Message Handling System. Together, the two systems combine the well-known Outlook capabilities together with military messaging.


Reduced Training Costs

The majority of military messaging uses will already be familiar with Microsoft Outlook; therefore very little training to transition from using Microsoft Outlook for personal emails into using Microsoft Outlook and IRIS Military Mail for formal military messaging reducing the training overhead.

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