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Leveraging the power of Systematic software

Achieving interoperability is a key issue for any software developer or systems integrator. It’s a complex challenge that requires experience and often years of development and testing. Systematic’s range of software products provide a set of robust building blocks which are specifically designed to achieve interoperability in development projects and systems integration.

SitaWare Suite
The software in the SitaWare suite constitutes a fully scalable C2 solution, designed to cover most needs right off-the-shelf. On account of its open architecture and compliance with international standards for interoperability, components from the SitaWare suite can quickly be integrated with other systems and specialist technologies. This enables software developers to take advantage of the interoperability engine that drives one of the market’s most successful C2 systems.

SitaWare products comply with the MIP (Multilateral Interoperability Programme) standard, the most widely adopted standard for military data exchange. This makes them the ideal backbone for future-compatible information management systems for both military and civil defence organisations.

The following software products are particularly relevant to software developers and integrators:

IRIS Suite
The IRIS software framework is used by more than 100,000 users in over 40 countries in their C2 and military message handling systems (MMHS) for working with formatted messages. The software has become the de facto standard in NATO member countries for military messaging.

Communication based on the Message Text Format (MTF) is the most widely used path to military interoperability. The IRIS suite of software products ensures full, consistent compliance with the constantly evolving NATO ADatP-3 and USMTF standards. This ensures the best possible interoperability and accurate communication.

The following software products are particularly relevant to software developers and integrators:

  • IRIS Forms SDK enables developers to integrate message-based interoperability into their own applications.
  • IRIS Information Mapping is a specialist development tool which makes it easy for systems integrators to implement many different NATO and US data exchange standards within national command and control systems.
  • IRIS Standards Management is a web-based tool for defining, managing and analysing structured information standards, which are essential in ensuring interoperability in military systems.

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