Bridging between operational needs and technical possibilities

Once your C2 concepts have been proven, Systematic’s specialists will work with you to ensure the planned system’s technical specification meets current and future operational requirements. Based on the dialogue during this two day workshop, our highly experienced C2 system architects and domain experts will outline a recommended system design, so that costly mistakes can be avoided. This might include advising on the most appropriate system architecture, hardware and network sizing, interoperability, data flow and recommended deployment approach.

Our experts will demonstrate how the SitaWare suite can fulfil your core operational needs and show you how the new IT system might solve your C2 needs in a new way.

Translate operational needs into a technical solution

  • How to solve specific operational needs into a new C2 system is difficult
  • A new IT system will bring new possibilities that will allow for solving operational needs in a different way than today
  • Design construction must cover all  aspects of operational needs as re-working decisions can be very expensive

Service content

  • Service is delivered as a two day workshop on Customer premises
  • Customer should participate with Technical Experts and Operational Users
  • Systematic's participation will include experienced domain expert and C2 architect personnel

Service Outcome

  • Based on the discussions at the workshop a report will be delivered that presents design and architecture examples to support the identified operational needs
  • Report will include diagrams for suggested deployment and data flow
  • A follow up meeting will be conducted where the content of the report will be explained

For further information

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