Prove your concept before investment

Before procuring a C2 system, it is vital that your requirements are fully appreciated, developed and validated. Systematic’s C2 Concept Lab is a temporary on-site installation that uses our off-the-shelf SitaWare software suite to help you prove your C2 concepts over a 6-months period, economically and without further commitment, so that you can assess the best options for procurement and deployment.

We will help you with configuration, installation and training to enable you to evaluate your C2 concept, test integration and gauge user satisfaction before entering into a costly procurement process.

Modern products require a modern way of buying

  • Systematic Concept Lab enables you to develop and validate requirements for a future C2 system over a period 6-months, economically and without further commitment to any supplier or solution
  • The configuration makes it possible to evaluate potential C2 software and systems, test integration and gauge user satisfaction before entering into  a costly procurement process
  • It enables you to understand capabilties and limitations of the existing systems
  • The Systematic Concept Lab is ideal for building a realistic plan for rollout, deployment, training and hardware needs
  • Well developed and validated requirements mean that procurement risks are significantly reduced
  • Systematic Concept Lab enables you to test interoperability between army, navy, air force and with coalition partners
  • It is also ideal for interoperability exercises, internal field trials, or to test mission-specific scenarios

 SitaWare Concept Lab - Basic principles

  • No commitments or exclusivity required, normal competition laws apply
  • Full confidentiality between the parties
  • Systematic provides introductory set of product licences and services for a limited period of time
  • SitaWare Concept Lab is most beneficial if it is located at the customer's premises and with the customer providing the environment, necessary hardware and infrastructure

Specific content

  • Complete Systematic SitaWare and IRIS product suites are available and ready to be used for six months
  • Initial installation and configuration of the product suites
  • Basic training of the lab staff in the use and administration of the product suites
  • Hotline support on the products and the specific installation
  • Demonstrations and workshop on additional products and integrations
  • Delivery of a proof of concept exercise/trial
  • Pool of hours available to be used according to customer wishes
  • Continuous evaluation of progress and outcome

Possible outputs

  • Proof of Concept study report
  • Technical requirements and specifications for procurement
  • Assessments/recommendations for integration needs
  • Hardware recommendations
  • Realistic schedules for project and rollout
  • Specific training material and requirement needs
  • Possible new standard operating procedures for using C2

For further information

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