Introducing C2 systems requires more than IT skills

At the initial stage of considering a C2 system, our professionals can help you gain a true understanding of what is required for successful implementation, discover any potential challenges and recognise any organisational or process changes that might need to be made.

A full assessment can be made during this workshop, where you will be able to draw upon the experience of our project managers, system architects and domain experts to help produce a plan which identifies the steps needed to achieve the successful implementation of a C2 system. Implementing a C2 system might require many considerations such as change management, organisational restructuring, changes of procedures and processes, analysis of technical aspects such as infrastructure and updating of competences.

Advanced planning gives better results

  • Gain an understanding of what it requires to successfully implement a C2 solution within an Army environment
  • Establish and assess the actions to take and challenges to overcome in order to facilitate a successful deployment
  • Ascertain any specific organisational and process changes to achieve a successful C2 implementation
  • Create an implementation plan that addresses identified actions and challenges

Service content

  • The service is delivered as a two day workshop on customer premises
  • Based on workshop dialogue, a report will be delivered which focuses on the identified challenges and suggestions to address these
  • A follow up meeting will be conducted where the content of the report will be explained

Work with skilled C2 professionals

  • The two day workshop will be conducted by an experienced Project Manager and a Software Architect/ Domain Expert
  • Optimum value will be gained when customer attendees include a Project Manager, Operational User(s),  a Purchasing Officer and where possible an IT Infrastructure Manager

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