Effective Through-Life Capability Management

With so much invested in a C2 system, it is important that your SitaWare suite remains up-to-date, well maintained and ready for any future developments. SitaWare Battle Lab is a through-life capability management service for your existing Systematic C2 products, which is established alongside your operational SitaWare suite.

It enables you to define operational procedures, examine different configurations of software and hardware (such as sensors or radios), create specifications for future system development, and test new releases and prototypes before introducing changes to your operational C2 system.

It enables you to understand capabilities and limitations of existing and future system components. It is also ideal for interoperability exercises, internal field trials, or to test mission - specific scenarios, where you can assess the  configuration's suitability and gain valuable knowledge without affecting your existing C2 system.

Our combined wealth of experience will ensure that your C2 system, operational procedures, techniques and organisation remain optimised and ready for future development and deployment.

Basic Principles

  • Full confidentiality between the parties
  • Located at the customer's premises and with the customer providing the environment, necessary hardware and infrastructure, and access to operational assets
  • Systematic offers its software competence and domain experience to the Systematic Battle Lab customer
  • The need for close regular cooperation between Systematic's engineers and domain experts and the customer, including end-users

Content of the Service

  • Systematic SitaWare and IRIS products procured by the customer form the basis of the Battle Lab
  • Access to consultancy support on various issues
  • Early information on product roadmaps and development plans
  • The ability to try other Systematic products, prototypes and beta versions for a limited period of time
  • Hotline support on the products and the specific installation
  • Continuous evaluation of progress and outcome

Possible outcomes

  • Better planned and structured life cycle management
  • Better understanding and planning of future investments
  • New standard operating procedures
  • Training material and training requirements
  • Technical specifications for further development and new procurements
  • Integration specifications and test results (new equipment)
  • Proof of concept reports. Specific configuration of equipment
  • Realistic time table for rollout, training etc.
  • Knowledge transfer from the supplier to the end-user

For further information

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