We will stand by you all the way to operational success

Once your C2 system is in operational use, it is essential that you receive professional support for any questions or difficulties that may arise. Our SitaWare Helpdesk team is staffed by highly skilled technicians and domain advisors with real life operational experience.

They are on-hand to guide you through any technical issues with your SitaWare based C2 system via e-mail, chat and telephone. We also offer optional 24/7 availability and on-site support.

We will guide you through technical and operational issues with your SitaWare based C2 system through e-mail, chat and telephone. Systematic technical staff will analyse reported issues, keep you in the loop on progress and provide remedies.

Focus on your core business

  • When your C2 system is in operational use, it will be vital to operational success that it runs continuously and efficiently
  • On-site customer technical staff often have limited in-depth knowledge of how to handle all technical issues
  • Assistance is required rapidly during critical operational phases, with no time for waiting in phone queues

 Support when you need it, where you need it

  • You approach the helpdesk by reporting the issue directly on the Internet
  • You have dialogue with the helpdesk through e-mail, chat and telephone
  • If the issue cannot be solved online, you may request on-site support and the helpdesk will arrange a visit by relevant technicians and/or domain advisors
  • You may request 24/7 availability directly on the Internet

For further information

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