This course link radar parameters and data analysis.


Course Overview

This course has been created to develop a bridge between observed radar parameters and data analysis. This is achieved by introducing advanced concepts of radar design and operation and the links between these and radar parameters. The course may be attended by anyone with an interest in radar analysis or ELINT or who is employed in the radar analysis or ELINT field or its management. Systematic’s own EW database management system, Systematic EWare, is used for demonstration as are the Primary Radar Engineering Program (PREP) and other software tools.


1-2 weeks based on customer requirements



Course Content

  • Review of Electronic Warfare
  • Radar theory
  • Interpulse and intrapulse modulation
  • ESM receivers

Skills Learned

Delegates should understand the concept of Electronic Warfare, radar components and how these components affect parameters and processing in both transmission and reception. They should understand how superheterodyne receiver processing and receiver components affect received parameters and should understand the principles of radar antennas. Interpulse and intrapulse modulation and their affect on parameters and performance will be covered, and delegates should understand the basic principles of LPI radar technology. Simple mathematical formulae are used to derive basic radar performance values from observed parameters.

Course Prerequisites

Delegates should have attended Systematic’s EW Foundation Course or its equivalent. Delegates should have basic knowledge of the transposition of formula and algebra.

Time in Exercises




Associated Courses

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