(Jamming Course)

The course introduces Radar and EO jamming methods as part of ECM employed within Electronic Warfare.


Course Overview

Core theory consisting of revision and overview, types of jammers, jamming techniques overview, jamming search radar electronic range and angle noise. Jamming search radar electronic deception – false target(s) and jamming search radar – use of chaff.

Electronic jamming tracking radars – range gates and use of range gate deception for angle gate success. Electronic jamming tracking radars angle gates, jamming sequences and ECM discussion points. Finally, EO in ECM and EPM is also covered to include flares, IR jamming, IR camouflage and Missiles.


1 or 2 weeks



Course Content

  • Revision and review of radar jamming theory
  • Types of jamming used
  • Jamming of search radar
  • Jamming of tracking radar
  • EO in ECM/EPM

Skills Learned

Delegates will develop an understanding of the principles of jamming techniques as used by the military, to include generic jamming and deception techniques use against both search and track systems and will understand the theory and implications of using EO within ECM/EPM.

Course Prerequisites


Time in Exercises




Associated Courses

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