This course introduces electronic warfare and the organisation of EW.


Course Overview

The basic theory of communications, radar and electro-optics (EO) are followed by electronic warfare relating to these systems. Also covered are emitter types and parameters, basic emitter identification from parameters, the principles of an air defence system and the principles of missile guidance. Systematic’s own EW database management system, Systematic EWare, is used for demonstration along with other software tools.


2 weeks



Course Content

  • Introduction to EW
  • Introduction to EW operational support
  • Fundamentals of radar systems
  • Functional analysis
  • EW principles

Skills Learned

Upon completion of the course, delegates should understand the importance of EW within military organisations. Delegates should also understand the basic principles of communication, radar and EO equipment and how EW is used against them. Delegates should be able to ascertain the function of an emitter based on given parameters and should understand how data is managed in an EW operational support centre. Delegates should understand the basic principles of EW and EW equipment.

Course Prerequisites

A basic understanding of electro-magnetic theory would be useful but is not essential.

Time in Exercises



EW database management software

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