This course teaches delegates to manage the EWare Electronic Intelligence Database Management System.


Course Overview

EWare is an off-the-shelf software product that provides military organisations with a powerful tool for the day-to-day management and updating of mission-critical data.  EWare is specifically designed for the reliable processing of electronic warfare data, so it can be passed on smoothly and rapidly to front-line units to help them make the right tactical decisions.

The features and structure of the database is explored using practical hand-on modules of instruction to develop basic and then advanced operating skills and techniques.  Using in-depth knowledge of the EM spectrum, instructors will provide advice and guidance in the practical application of EWare to the customer environment.


2 weeks

Course Content 

  • Overview of EWare
  • The Repository Manager
  • The Object Manager
  • The Platform Editor
  • The Emitter Editor
  • The Intercept Manager

Skills Learned

On completion of the course, delegates will be competent users of EWare and have the necessary skills to integrate its use into the customer’s EW intelligence environment.

Course Prerequisites

An advanced understanding of radar theory of operations as found on Systematic’s EW Foundation, Advanced and Analysis courses.  IELTS English score of 6 or more.

Time in Exercises



EWare ELINT Data Management System (and the optional TALON Pulse Analyser Tool)