The Dismounted Commander operating in the modern, complex, dangerous and high-intensive battlefield needs all available information at hand to support his time critical decision making progress, to minimise the risk of collateral damage and to increase force protection - not only for allied troops, but also for the civilian population. 

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Complete Battle Management Solution for the Dismounted Commander

SitaWare Edge in a Vest includes everything needed for the Dismounted Commander to operate efficiently in the battlefield at a fixed price. It is a complete package of personal equipment, hardware (various options available) and preconfigured software to meet the needs of low level commanders.   

SitaWare Edge in a Vest - Solution Highlights

  • Complete package of hardware and software for the Dismounted Commander
  • Voice and data communication over tactical radio
  • Battle proven equipment incl. vest, pouches, radio, headset, cables, Android tablet with touch screen display
  • Delivered as a turnkey solution
  • Package incl. services such as training, maintenance and support

With this software solution the Dismounted Commander is fully integrated with SitaWare Headquarters and SitaWare Frontline providing network C2 and shared situational awareness all the way from the Dismounted Commander at the tactical edge right up to higher headquarters.

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SitaWare Edge in a Vest - Key Features

  • SitaWare Edge software
  • Commander's Vest
  • Tactical radio
  • Ruggedized tablet

For further information download the SitaWare Edge in a Vest solution brief here.

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