The Forward Air Controller (FAC) operating in the modern, complex, dangerous and high-intensive battlefield needs all the available assets to support his procedures and his communication and coordination with pilots. Support to the FAC is critical in improving the decision making process, minimising the risk of collateral damage and increasing force protection - not only for the FAC, pilots and allied troops, but also the civilian population.

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Complete Digital Solution for the Forward Air Controller

SitaWare Frontline for the FAC includes everything needed for a FAC to operate efficiently in the battlefield at a fixed price. It is a complete package of personal equipment, hardware (various options available) and preconfigured software to meet the needs of both the FAC and pilot. With this software solution, the FAC can communicate via standard structured NATO protocols thereby significantly reducing the time for voice verification with the pilot. 

SitaWare Frontline for the FAC - Solution Highlights

  • Complete package of hardware and software to establish a battalion level headquarters
  • Ready to use when powered up
  • Use standard laptops as clients, without any installation of software required
  • No trace of operational data stored on the client laptops
  • Fully scalable to fit different customer needs
  • Easily procured and rapidly deployed at a fixed price

SitaWare Frontline for the FAC also holds strong planning tools as well as the pilot’s targeting pod view displayed directly on his touch screen. All is fitted perfectly to the FAC’s personal equipment designed for rough and extreme conditions.

SitaWare Frontline for the FAC - Key Features

  • SitaWare Frontline software
  • Modular Tactical System (MTS)
  • Universal Tactical Display (UTD)
  • GPS
  • Tactical Mission Controller (PC)
  • Head-up Display (TacEye)
  • Video Down Link (WDL) incl. contorl software
  • Radios
  • Laser Range Finder

For further information download the SitaWare Frontline for the FAC solution brief here.

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