Process optimisation in ATP results in greater employee satisfaction

The change project at ATP has made use of Systematic’s experience of process optimisation and CMMI, resulting in savings and greater employee satisfaction


Cases Challenge

  • Improve quality and delivery time
  • Increase employee satisfaction

Cases Solution

  • Identifying and prioritizing focus areas
  • Using recognized maturity model (CMMI) 


Cases Benefits

  • 25-35 % cost reduction
  • Very high employee satisfaction
  • Greater reliability of supply


Challenge with IT projects

For some years now, ATP has experienced problems delivering IT projects – the budgets often escalated, delivery was not always punctual or of sufficient quality. The project managers were unhappy and it was clear that improvements were vital.

Launch of change project

This is why, in late 2010, ATP launched a change project designed to improve the finance, quality and level of satisfaction related to IT project delivery. 

In a standard monthly release we have achieved a financial saving of between 25-35%.

To achieve this, ATP aimed to become more a mature process organisation and identified the principles of CMMI as a benchmark.

Systematic's experience with CMMI was compelling

Following a dialogue with several consultancy service providers, ATP selected Systematic, which has implemented all software development processes according to the CMMI model. This experience was a crucial factor in ATP’s decision.

“If we had opted for a consultancy provider without the same experience as Systematic, we would have had to reinvent the wheel in several areas, leading to greater costs. By building on Systematic’s experience, we have taken a shortcut to success,” explains Anne Nørklit, Vice President of ATP.

Together with ATP, Systematic monitored the entire change project in order to guide ATP towards greater process maturity. Systematic also created a report detailing recommended action areas based on previous maturity surveys. A consultant from Systematic acted as a sparring partner and adviser, so ATP has been able to efficiently implement the advised measures.

Financial saving of 25-35 %

Results achieved by ATP projects are clear:

  • Project manager job satisfaction is now one of the highest at ATP
  • Results achieved are better than budgeted
  • ATP is ready to prevent problems because greater predictability allows for a proactive approach

By building on Systematic's experience, we have taken a shortcut to success.

“In a standard monthly release we have achieved a financial saving of between 25 and 35%. The sole reason for this is that we have begun to work on the basis of IT development principles such as Lean. We have reduced waste and the working routines have been improved,” says Anne Nørklit, who concludes:

"The project has definitely been worth the investment. In addition to the necessary improvement in time and economy, we have also achieved major non-financial benefits. We’ve managed to create a learning culture and achieve a high level of satisfaction among our project managers.”

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