Danske Fragtmænd increases competitiveness and quality with IT solution

350 coordinators at Danske Fragtmænd get daily support from a business critical and intelligent logistics system developed by Systematic.


Cases Challenge

  • Manual procedures
  • No documentation of deliveries
  • No data collection

Cases Solution

  • Complete solution that handles all coordination
  • Communication via mobile devices
  • Real-time overview
  • Integrated with other solutions
  • Business Intelligence Tool

Cases Benefits

  • Digital, efficient procedures
  • Waiting time, wasted time and pointless journeys reduced
  • Increased competitiveness and better service
  • Correct invoicing


IT support of business critical coordination

Every day, coordinators at Danske Fragtmænd must ensure that 40,000 consignments are delivered on time, to the right address and in proper condition. Ensuring a smooth and efficient flow of shipments requires optimal coordination of capacity and routes.

Every day, coordinators receive approx. 11,100 bookings to be distributed between drivers. Coordinating and placing orders via telephone and email does not ensure sufficient overview.

Danske Fragtmænd wanted to get a better overview of drivers' positions, the lorries' capacity and create documentation for the process, from collection to delivery. Systematic developed a logistics system which met exactly these challenges. The daily procedures and processes are mapped so that the solution satisfies the users' needs and creates as much value as possible.

Real-time picture creates the necessary overview

The solution is a reliable and stable IT solution that supports Danske Fragtmænd's promise of delivery times from day to day and optimal advice and help to customers.

Coordinators are able to use the real-time picture of where the drivers are, thus enabling them to better plan routes and coordinate daily operations. The tasks are sent to the drivers' PDAs, so communication is simpler and more reliable. The coordinators can follow the drivers' progress and see when the goods are safely and promptly delivered.

The drivers use their PDAs to scan the goods when collecting/delivering them. In addition, pictures of any damaged goods can be taken and send to the coordinator. 


This ensures that Danske Fragtmænd can document at all times where the individual goods are and what state they are in. This increases transparency and customers get a better service. 

Efficiency increases competitiveness

Danske Fragtmænd's optimisation of logistics has made them more competitive and cost-effective. The coordinators' planning is supported and the entire process and the transfer of responsibility are documented from start to finish. The important thing is; customers get a better service and deliveries are made on time.


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